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If you are looking for the best after builders cleaning service for your renovated property, look no further because you have come to the right place. We offer a plethora of professional cleaning services in Pennington, WN7 and we have helped a great number of property owners get rid of the tedious after builders cleaning burden.

We employ teams of experienced cleaning technicians who would handle any kind of after builders mess in a matter of a few hours. They will use the best cleaning supplies for achieving the result you expect from a respected cleaning provider.

Hourly Based Cleaning Services
Regular House Cleaning from £16/h
One Off Cleaning from £16/h
Spring, Deep Cleaning from £18/h
After Builders Cleaning from £18/h

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    After Builders Cleaning in Pennington


    At our company we know that it is very important to everyone to have their home spotlessly clean and sanitary. Our company is offering you an easy way out after your home renovation is done. Even the smallest repair or renovation can leave a huge mess behind, and we will send you a team of specialists to clean it up.

    Our company specialises in after builders cleaning and we can guarantee you perfect results for economical prices and a very professional customer service. Our after builders cleaning service is available everywhere in Pennington, WN7, we work seven days a week and we are flexible with our cleaning sessions. Contact us now.

    Our flat which we rent out needed a few minor repairs and interior improvements which we did and after that had to deal with the mess that was left. Thankfully a friend recommended us your after builders cleaning services and we used them. We have better looking and perfectly sanitised flat that we rent out now. – Lucas

    After Builders Cleaners WN7


    Our company is aware that even the smallest and most insignificant repair or redecoration of your home can create a mess as a big construction. We invite you to call our company and book our professional and very convenient after builders cleaning service to clean your home afterwards. We have cleaners who are experts in post-construction cleaning. We will not let you down.

    Industrial dust gets everywhere in the house, even when you cannot see it, it is there. Our professional cleaners are trained to clean your home in detail and get rid of any debris, grime and dust. Contact our company soon and book our service. We work in Pennington, WN7 and we are available seven days a week.

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    Post Construction Cleaning Services Pennington WN7

    after builders cleaning services

    Before you move into your renovated property, you have an important and time-consuming project to complete namely the thorough clean-up of the entire house. If you want to accelerate the move in process or you are just reluctant to do the after builders cleaning on your own, you can simply assign this challenging task to our professionals. You can find them working every day in the area of Pennington, WN7.

    Apart from top-quality cleaning procedure you also get a personalised service in accordance with the specifications of your property. You can also take advantage of the cost-effective price and the usage of the most effective cleaning tools and detergents.

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