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Not only does our company provide cleaning services but maintaining ones as well. Our rich portfolio includes a range of gardening services from which our customers can choose the one which will suit their requirements and needs. No matter whether you own a few hectares of a garden or just a small patio, the professional gardeners who work at our company know how to turn the space into an attractive work of art. They can help you keep your landscaping lovely during all seasons. Every on of the services we offer is designed with our clients and their needs in mind.

Our gardeners are reliable, fully trained and professional and will help you keep your space healthy and vibrant.

Basic Gardening Service
Gardening from £45/h
Jet Washing from £2.5/m2

We invest in the latest gardening equipment to deal with all kinds of jobs. Thanks to our long-standing experience in the field of gardening, we can help you keep your space looking beautiful and maintained over the course of whole year. We offer you a broad range of gardening services for each and every taste, including:

  • Grass Cutting
  • Hedge and Bush Trimming
  • Pruning of Bushes and Trees
  • Weeding of Flowerbeds
  • Moss and Lawn Weeds Control
  • Removing of Leaves
  • Spring and Autumn Tidy ups

Our gardeners are knowledgeable enough in the safety of hedge and bush trimming. They have spent many years in the field to know how to deliver outstanding landscaping. Overgrown bushes or hedges are no problem for our company! There is not a bush or hedge that can stand a chance! Our company ensures that each and every one of the plants we deal with are given a thorough consideration before the process of trimming. We leave no stone unturned! Every landscape requires proper and regular care all year round. Our company’s pruning work is always done with gentle care and with the exact vision of the outcome in mind.

Our company is full of expert gardeners who take into account the overall look and condition of the bush or hedge that needs trimming. This would mean that in case the natural appearance is good and will help keep the health of it good, our gardeners will go for handheld trimmers. But if our customer demands more precise cut, we go for a mechanical options.

We also offer tree trimming and cutting which are performed by trained professionals. For us there are a few main reasons that trees should be trimmed and maintained. These reasons include safety, maintaining form, directing growth and health of course. What makes us a far cry from the competition is that we deliver consistently top quality results. We know that big branches can often become a problem, especially if not cut on time. It is the reason why such big branches should be trimmed back. Our company offers free quotes ahead of booking.

Our team of landscaping professionals can provide lawn maintenance and care services. We assure you that keeping your lawn healthy, green and free from overgrown weeds is a job for our gardeners. They can take care of the grass cutting and lawn mowing to ensure your landscape stays looking its best all year round.

Seasonal cleaning up your place is not a small job. Our professional gardeners can do it for you. They can do the tidy up using the latest equipment to help you enjoy a lovely, season-ready place without the elbow grease. Our clean up service include a number of aspects such as mowing the grass, removing of leaves, branches and clutter, pruning and trimming bushes and trees, cleaning flower beds and more.

Whatever it takes to get your garden or patio looking its best, our professional gardeners can deal with it.

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